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The Apex Legends experience brought to you in a fan-made Playing Card Game. Become a Legend. Download the Starter Pack completely free!

Apex Legends Card Game Overview


Based on the actual Apex Legends video game, the Apex Legends Card Game offers a competitive gameplay that relies both on luck and skill. Round up your favorite Legends and take on your friends & family in an epic Apex PVP experience just like the video game.

Starter Pack
Collectible Cards
Main Deck

Build a Squad, Search for Loot and Prepare for Battle.

Apex Legends Card Game Main Deck
Expansion Packs (Unavailable)

Spice your deck with the Seasons and Events Expansion Packs.

Apex Legends Card Game Expansion Packs
Instruction Manual

Learn the How To Play, Legends Abilities and Weapon Balance.

Custom Decks (Unavailable)

Looking for specific skins for your Legends and Weapons cards?

Apex Legends Card Game Custom Decks

Main Deck | Starter Pack

Build a Squad, Search for Loot and Prepare for Battle. Players fight their way through Attack or Defense plays to determine who will be the next champion and become a Legend.



  • Legends, Weapons, Armor, Consumables, Grenades and Special Item cards.)

  • PDFs for print shops or home printing.

  • Instruction Manual to learn how to play.

  • Point System sheet to keep track of points.

  • "Read Me" quick reference guide.

Apex Legends Card Game Main Deck
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About the Project

The Apex Legends Card Game is all about expanding the Apex Legends experience. It was developed and designed entirely by SPEAR, using the video game's mechanics and graphic assets as the core. This project is completely fan-made, unofficial and it is not affiliated with EA or Respawn Entertainment.