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Here you will find the latest updates on the Apex Legends Card Game. This section includes updates on card design, game balance and new upcoming content for the game. You can always subscribe to our newsletter so you don't miss out on anything!

Play Tests

• Last week we shared our Database and Virtual Tabletop files through our Newsletter for the benefit of everyone
• In the Database you will find the latest updates regarding gameplay and damage points
• The file we provided can be uploaded into "" directly so you can start playing
• Due to the high amount of requests, we are no longer accepting requests for Beta Test or Site Membership, which is why we shared our files for everyone to play it regardless of our timetable for balancing
• Friendly reminder that the cards have "--" and "##" as placeholders until the Beta Test is completed and we have a final version of the damage points and such

*You can access our files for the Database and Virtual Tabletop at the bottom of this page

Release Notes

• Amazing reception, glad you enjoyed the release!
• Over 4k visits on the website
• Multiple requests for Beta Test
• Minor error on Octane, R-301 and Hemlock card
• Currently verifying all files
• We will address requests on Beta Test soon

F.A.Q. based on Twitter interactions:
• Design/gameplay mechanics are my interpretation of the video game
• You may not like the design/gameplay style and that's OK
• There's online play, but it's currently being used for Beta Test
• Typos and errors happen. No worries, I can update easily!

Download the Files

If you didn't get a chance to receive the first update via our Newsletter, no worries we got you covered! Download our Database and Virtual Tabletop files so you can start playing right away!

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